Jake the Ape's Growth Mindset Affirmations (Paperback)

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Having a Growth Mindset can help children feel more confident, enjoy learning new skills, and feel more empowered in the face of new challenges. This beautifully illustrated book includes growth mindset affirmations such as:

“I love to try new things! I am not afraid to try new things. Sometimes it might feel uncomfortable to try to learn something new, but I know I can do it. As I try new things and learn new skills, I am growing stronger every day!”

“I learn from my mistakes! I understand that making mistakes is how I learn. I will think about the mistakes I make and use those mistakes as learning opportunities. Mistakes are not failures. They are stepping stones on my way to success.“

“Practicing is my superpower! I know that I won’t be able to do everything the first time I try. The more times I practice, the better I will become at my new skill. There is nothing I can’t learn If I work hard and practice!”

Each growth mindset affirmation is paired with a full coloring page with images from the book Jake the Ape Makes a lot of Mistakes.