The Blomes, the Smooms and the Impossible Bridge (Hardcover Book)

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" In a beautiful valley all lovely and green, there were two groups of creatures whose faces looked mean. It was split by a river - one group on each side. And the river was roaring, fast-moving and wide."

I'm so excited about my new book that is currently being illustrated! This story is about two very different groups of creatures who live in a beautiful valley.

The Smooms love beauty and their side of valley is filled with beautiful art, architecture, and music. They also have Smoomberry bushes that produce the sweet and delicious Smoomberries. Smoomberries make wonderful cakes, pies, and even ice cream. The Blomes wish they could eat some Smoomberries, but the river is too wide to cross.

The Blomes love to learn and invent. They aren't concerned with making things beautiful, they are more concerned with how things work. Their inventions bring a lot of fun and excitement to their side of the valley and make their lives easier. The Smooms would like to have some of the inventions, but the river is too wide.

A long time ago they started to plan a bridge but they ended up fighting about which group was better instead. Can the bridge ever be built?